California Bounty Hunting Laws
How to Become a Bounty Hunter Practicing Fugitive Recovery as a Bail Enforcement Agent
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California Bounty Hunting Laws - Fugitive Recovery Classes - Certification

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You have Reached Rex Venator’s, State-of-the-Art, California Bail Enforcement Training School where You may become PC 1299 Compliant and Learn how to Practice cutting-edge techniques regarding the Art of Bounty Hunting for Fugitive Recovery Operations that are designed to assist and escort wayward Misdemeanor and Felony Bail Jumpers back to see their Sheriffs, Judges, and, if applicable, their Wardens for the California State Prison Final Stop.


A Bail Agent Prelicensing Certificate from Bailspeak reportedly Carries Great Weight and has been Deemed Controlling by Recruiters Looking to fill Bail Agent Job Openings with Numerous Bail Bond Employers from Sacramento to San Jose and from San Diego to San Francisco up to and including bail bond company administrative and Bounty Hunting support staff.



Bailspeak is The Most Trusted Name in Fugitive Recovery Training

for Bounty Hunters - According to its Alumni!


"You will not find Fugitive Recovery Instruction like this anywhere else in the Country."


Bailspeak is the Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Name in California Bail Education, according to its hundreds of Alumni who have participated in the following department of insurance Approved bail classes for bondsmen and bounty hunters.

  • 20 hour bail pre licensing
  • 6 hour lawful bounty hunting continuing bail education
  • 6 hour Bail CE TASER Tactical Awareness Course for bail recovery persons
  • 6 hour bail bond motion studies

Bailspeak also offers Classes and Practical Training in:

  • Bounty Hunter Street Training
  • Online Bounty Hunter Training - Now on CD and Thumbdrive
  • Video Productions
  • Marketing for Bail Bonds Companies
  • Marketing for Bounty Hunters

Bailspeak's Offerings do not stop here. You can also read books by Bailspeak's Primary Instructor who is also a published Author, Rex Venator.

  • "Allied Bail Agencies: Masterless"
  • "Desktop Bounty Hunter"
  • "Modern Bounty Hunting: A Real-Life Guide for the Fugitive Recovery Agent."


It really doesn’t matter how you investigate and close a bail jumper investigation, so long as you go home safely to get paid safely and all while acting within the confines of applicable laws to fugitive recovery as a bail enforcement agent for bail bond company owners or sureties.


It is critical, to compete in today’s bounty hunting market place, to have skillsets and tools that your competitors either don’t have or are unwilling to secure, and that you yourself take the initiative to innovate and grow your small business.


Whether you roll up to a courthouse as a licensed bail agent in a business suit for a bail bond motion or on a Harley Davidson classic with pistols and a Taser ECD it all really doesn’t matter, so long as you go home to get paid after operating legally.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with nearly 4,000 issued Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Certificates awarded to Bailspeak Alumni and with many now working in the California Bail Bonds Industry as bail bondsmen, posting bail agents, bounty hunters, and ministerial employees of California’s largest bail corporations and Mom & Pops Bail Bonds operations.


Bailspeak is instructed by bail bond company owners and active bounty hunters who have a proven track record of not just running profitable companies in the fields of bail bonds and bounty hunting, but Bailspeak Cadre also have a record of Alumni from Bailspeak who have also taken what they’ve learned and applied those lessons to themselves run profitable bail related companies.

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Why Should You Interview Bailspeak Alumni

for Jobs in Bail Bonds?


Opinion Editorial


By Rex Venator


A Bailspeak Alumnus recently reported undergoing an interview with a bail company bail agent who was looking to hire a bounty hunter regarding a bail bond ordered forfeited by a judge.


As is the case in growing reports by new bounty hunters, the new PC 1299 compliant bounty hunter was quizzed on how to lawfully bounty hunt with an emphasis on describing which legal authorities allow a private citizen bounty hunter to do this or that.


The new bounty hunter was told that a very specific answer was incorrect, and the new bounty hunter informed the licensed bail agent of 2012 and 2013 changes in laws related to bounty hunting and was, in point of fact, found to have answered question correctly much to the bail agent’s surprise.


Today, Bailspeak Alumni who are searching for both bounty hunting and bail agent jobs are, bluntly stated, educating long time bail agents on recent law changes and current events, but how could people fresh out of a bail class educate people who have been in the business for 10, 20 and even 30 years?


Unfortunately, the answer may be found in the massive drop of licensed bail agents who once attended live continuing bail education classes in favor of accruing required continuing education hours via online classes or correspondence courses that may contain unchanged curriculums for nearly ten years, or, perhaps, curriculums that do not contain information about law changes or cannot possibly convey a California Bail Industry that is ever changing at the speed of a text message.


The intent of this Facebook thread isn’t to encourage bail agents to attend Bailspeak’s various continuing bail education courses, but I think it is well worth strongly considering very serious looks at Bailspeak Alumni for salaried bail agent job openings, independent bounty hunting jobs, and for job openings in other various bail agency departments.


The Bailspeak Bail Agent Pre-Licensing bail class is maintained as a state-of-the art, cutting-edge immersion course filled with California Department of Insurance required studies and then taken a decade further with instructional techniques designed to not only help people pass the bail exam on their first tries but to also help them retain critical information in the post licensing world of bail bonds.


There are significant reasons why Bailspeak is quickly becoming the Number 1 Choice for new hires by the leading bail agencies in California and with students arriving from all over the United States and abroad.


Succinctly put, take another look at that Bailspeak Alumni application or resume and consider calling that person in for an interview and quiz that person who left his or her Bailspeak class completely exhausted and loaded with information and with a certificate that is undeniably carrying greater and greater weight by those who have hiring authority in their perspective bail corporations, mom & pop shops, and bounty hunting teams.


Thank you for your time and consideration of Bailspeak Alumni as priority interviewees.


Post Script: the Bailspeak Alumnus, like so many other Bailspeak Alumni, got the job.