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There may be bunko scam rip off frauds preying on good people with outrageous claims of how sending them money or taking their bounty hunting bail enforcement training courses or being sent novelty certificates, badges, identification and some or all of which will lead to a mysterious brotherhood network that does not and has never existed consumer protection advisory opinion editorial.



“The risk of insult is the price we pay for clarity.”  

~ Author Unknown

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Tricksters – Hucksters – Scoundrels


Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator


I have been in the bounty hunting and bail bond industry long enough to appreciate my early badge personnel jail education at the hands of incarcerated property thieves, pedophiles, rapists, murderers, death row appealers, dealers of street poison, dope fiends, and all the scams they tried to play “on the inside” inasmuch that such minds given to pathological skullduggery are wholly consistent with people “on the outside,” according to ongoing reports of good people becoming victims of what has been commonly called the “confidence game.”


Example 1 – The Audacious Attempt


Years ago this man began calling many of the real and virtual bounty hunters who posted their contact information on a specific website forum with a curious offer that sounded something like this: “You turn over your client list; you continue to bounty hunt; we (whoever “we” was) collect your commissions; you get 25% and get to be a part of our “network.”


Example 2 – The So-Called “Network”


Many, many largely anonymous and some not so anonymous people have used rudimentary and even slightly more sophisticated websites to create the illusion that there is an almost illuminati like organization with hundreds or thousands of bounty hunter members from coast to coast and all working in cooperation to assist people these confidence men, who call victims of this herpes like scam a “mark” or “marks,” into believing enough in the pitch to send what are frequently called “initiation fees,” “renewal fees,” “membership fees,” “annual fees,” and the marks may get an identification card, certificate of training, badge, and maybe even a toll free number for law enforcement to call and confirm that the mark did indeed “get licensed” to “bounty hunt in all 50 states.”


The incontrovertible facts-in-evidence are these: there is not and has never been any real “network” of cooperative bounty hunters—never; bounty hunters are independent contractors or employees on a very local scale and don’t need to be a part of any national anything to work; states have different laws that must be followed by local bounty hunters; law enforcement personnel couldn’t care less about a mysterious toll free number or novelty trinkets purchased from a website with no names, faces, or real contact information; some states require licensing; some states require certification; not all states have commercial bail and therefore bounty hunting isn’t legal in all 50 states; the so-called “network” lives on in its many different forms and is nearly always launched by faceless and not so faceless people.


Example 3 – The Six Figure Income Claim


Bounty hunting is an extremely tough business to get “Running in the Black,” and most people will struggle and give up quickly for many reasons; however, in all fairness, there are indeed very successful bounty hunters of my acquaintance who can righteously claim breaking $100K a year, but they break their hindquarters non-stop to bounty hunt themselves into such a tax bracket.


Incidental to the premise of this opinion editorial is the subject of taxes in relation to virtual claims of telling unknown people that they will be paid “...large sums of cash..,” which statement may raise internal revenue service agent curiosities, in my personal opinion.


In all my years of bounty hunting, I can’t think of a single person who was paid a “cash” commission by a bail bond company owner or surety and who wasn’t then reported to the IRS under Tax Code laws, so that said commission could be added to the payee’s annual or quarterly tax filings.


It is impossible for me to tell someone I know nothing about how much of anything they may or can or will do, make or succeed at irrespective of training, schooling, or spending years working for a successful bounty hunter—any person claiming to fortune tell another’s financial future is, in my personal opinion, another type of confidence man that would required another 100 pages added to this opinion editorial in order to fully flesh out for readers.


Example 4 – The Empty Building or Vacant Lot


First and foremost, it is important to understand that sending money to a nameless, faceless website is problematic, but there are also names and faces that make some entertainingly wild claims from some far off and distant state and with sophisticated websites where a mark may submit, let us say, a $200.00 up-front payment.


The problem is that owners of the claimed destination training locations may have never heard of the person receiving the $200.00 up-front payment, or people show up for class and find there is no such location, or the location is vacant or simply does not exist.


This Office started receiving incoming calls—which are continuous—not too long ago from people who paid $200.00 up-front and then could not get the named person to answer calls or emails; moreover, the alleged training facility named as the training location either didn’t know anything about the training offer or was also unable to reach the person who allegedly took possession of the now lost monies.


I’ve learned recently that there are reports that this confidence game is ongoing and in relation to both bounty hunting training from in and out-of-state scoundrels.


It was recently reported that some are allegedly advertising and offering PC 832 classes when the ostensible organizations and the principles may not be certified to actually provide that specific P.O.S.T. course needed to legally bounty hunt within the meaning of the California Penal Code!


Example 5 – Join the “Fugitive Warrant Crash Team”


One scoundrel in particular keeps reinventing himself by offering bounty hunting training classes that include false claims of being signed up with a legitimate bail education provider, being provided body armor, duty belts, holsters, raid jackets, TASER CEWs, pepper spray, batons, becoming a team member to serve warrants, and all for the bargain price of between $600.00 to $900.00 up-front.


I could write a book on all the problems with this one, but let’s keep it simple.  Please don’t fall for such rascality as so many people have via those pesky craigslist ads of the same origins.


Example 6 – The General Bail Agent Imposter


Any Bailspeak Alumni can delineate how to demarcate both the bounty hunter who could never be a licensed bail agent along with the common bail agent who, for whatever reason, has not officially become a general bail agent “GA” within the scope and meaning of California laws; however, there are people out there who are reportedly and continuously creating the illusion of legal compliance to be a GA in a confidence game that is very easy to spot and not become a mark.


Such scandalous types must provide their victims with “Paper” that bears the name and contact information of the surety either they or their strawman bail agent write for; accordingly, any person who suspects deception should feel free to ring the surety in question and simply ask if a person purporting to be a GA is actually a GA.


 Author’s Note: A “Strawman” is Noun used to describe a person (illegally) used as a cover for some questionable activity such as a figurehead for a bail agency owner when the actual person in charge cannot become a bail agent licensee or GA but installs a puppet to circumvent the law.




The California Bail Bond Industry is a highly professional area of various occupations and with thousands of good people working in said industry; however, the laws governing people who work in bail are so cluttered and confusing that a criminal mind can easily camouflage unethical, immoral and illegal activities as is, arguably, the case in all industries that suffer under the oppressive weight of regulatory oppression.


I personally travel all over California and to other states where I have met and continue to meet thousands of good folks in the American Bail Bond Industry by and through my efforts to educate both the newcomers to bail and veterans and so am able to keep up with the ever growing list of laws concerning bail.


It is my intent in this opinion editorial to help people realize that state-of-the-art Bail Education Matters always to any person who is working in bail and at any capacity and level.


This opinion editorial goes to the furtherance of ferreting out those with proclivities and propensities to engage in harmful cons inasmuch that they may be brought into the light and be seen for what they really are—a scourge no different to the Body Bail than meth or crack is to the human body, mind, and local and state communities and all of which is in my personal opinion.


Bounty Hunting Schools


Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator


There is incoming chatter about various people preparing to enter into the various aspects of educating bounty hunters in California and elsewhere throughout the United States.


As a Student First, I am always open to new ideas and practical applications that are lawful and actionable when it comes to helping people get trained up to go home safely to get paid safely after booking wanted felony bail jumpers.


Years ago, I took a former California Highway Patrol Officer out on Bailspeak’s Highly Exclusive Bounty Hunter Street Training Program where several bail apprehensions were made over a very short period of time.  The aforementioned trainee had never been bounty hunting prior to these occasions and had less than a week of time in the bounty hunting field; nevertheless, he secretly penned a quick “bounty hunting manual” and attempted to market it on the Internet.


What recently struck me as very curious is how exactly is one, with maybe five or less bounty hunts, very limited experience in bail, and absolutely no bail motion experience, suddenly qualified enough to decide to start a bounty hunting school?  Of course this report is just rumor and cannot be true, right?


With all due respect afforded to retired law enforcement personnel, I am equally struck when bounty hunting schools pop up and advertise wholly illegal aspects of the bounty hunting trade in California; moreover, even bounty hunters who claim decades of bounty hunting publically post certain things that are illegal in California, presumably due to ignorance of new and even long existing laws.


An interesting angle that keeps being brought to my attention by callers is the relatively new bail agency owner who behaves like a general bail agent but who is not; the relatively new bail agency owner who purportedly hires new bail agents and then requires these, in reality, independent contractors, to purchase shirts, hats, and even pay for bail forms when the latter of which are freely provided by a surety; indeed, such a person may even decide, as a condition of the illusion of employment, to require “employees” to pay for and take his or her bounty hunting course—it is all very curious to any reasonable person.


It has not been unusual for people to bulk purchase Bailspeak’s DVDs, CDs, books, bail motions and maybe take its courses, and then attempt to replicate the training programs, but doing such a thing isn’t that simple as evidenced by the reader probably never hearing of such attempts at imitation.


My strong suggestion to protect one’s self from both criminal and civil liability in combination with taking precautions to avoid being fleeced by a confidence man is to do your own research and triple check all references.


For example, Bailspeak is the natural progression of the Critical Response Training Academy born in the mid 1990s after an exhaustive study and practice of bounty hunting for five years.  In all, I have been educating bounty hunters both in class and on the streets for approximately two decades—not a week, or a month, or just a few years.


I’d like to bring to the attention here my partner of 12 years.  I can’t think of anyone, including me, who has more time in open court arguing and winning motions with a 98% success rate.  His ability to get things done in court has always been astounding to me personally.  While he isn’t in bail any longer due to a life course adjustment into law enforcement, one has to wonder how a bail agent with no formal legal training could have such sweeping success during bail law and motion calendars throughout California.


Finally, in writing this opinion editorial, I was reminded of the following that bears relevance to this discussion.


“Compare now, my fellow citizens, me, who am a new man, with those haughty nobles. What they have but heard or read, I have witnessed or performed. What they have learned from books, I have acquired in the field; and whether deeds or words are of greater estimation, it is for you to consider.”  ~ Gaius Marius was a Roman General, Consul Seven Times, and considered the Third Founder of Rome after restructuring the Roman Legions upon which we still see today in Modern Western Armies.


Ask any Bailspeak Alumni how many times I mention “Taylor” or “Taintor” in any Bailspeak class.  The answer may surprise you, for “...all of my scars are on the front,” and “Our scars remind us that the past is real.”


Stay Safe and Check References.

“Ask any Bailspeak Alumni how many times I mention “Taylor” or “Taintor” in any Bailspeak class.  The answer may surprise you, for “...all of my scars are on the front,” and “Our scars remind us that the past is real.”